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Transporting and distributing your goods is one of the most time and resources extensive procedure. SKY FREIGHT logistics provides the best reliable and cost efficient transportation and distribution service.
Through our vast experience and our advanced tech we are able to provide tailored solutions made exactly for your business needs.


  • Customized options and variety of tailored solutions to achieve the ideal balance of cost, time,and capacity. Whether you are a small or big company and need a same day transportation service or a scheduled service SKY FREIGHTLogstic network will be able to satisfy your with the most effective tailored


  • Distributing your goods locally or over the globe is considered to be one of the most important tasks that your business need to handle with extreme care. With SKY FREIGHTLogstic you do not have to worry anymore. Our well-equipped fleet well get your goods to their destination in a timely manner.

Why to choose SKY FREIGHT transportation and distribution service?

A to Z service

From the moment of pickup to reaching the destination of distribution, rest assured without a doubt.

Hybrid Solutions

We integrate the standard road freight with variety of customizable options

Reliability and cost-efficiency

Your reliable partner to handle the distribution process reliably and precisely on time.

Proven experience

With our vast experience in transportation and distribution SKY FREIGHTLogistic is a name that you can trust


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