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A service designed to meet any third party logistics warehousing needs. Whether you are a small or big company that needs warehousing, SKY FREIGHTLogstics have got you covered. Moreover, We offer both bound, unbound, and more 3pl warehousing solutions to fit your needs.

In addition to our wide range of logistics solution, our dedication and reliability are what set us apart from our competition, our warehouses are well-equipped with the latest tech and the highest safety measures to make sure that your goods are as safe as possible, and with our specialized pick and pack service we give you the most cost effective service.


In fact, SKY FREIGHTlogstic is the most reliable logistic company because we never compromise on any of the quality measures. Safety, reliability, and storage capacity. Made for your specific needs we can offer:

Huge capacity warehouses

Always monitored warehouses

Warehouse management system

Climate controlled facilities

Multiple docking bays

Repacking services

Why to choose SKY FREIGHTLogstics third party logistics warehousing (3PL warehousing)?

Scaleable service

Our massive warehouses can fit all of your expanding needs over time

Our A to Z service

We handle each and every procedure that relates to the warehousing of your goods

Highly reliable

Reliable warehouses equipped with the latest techs to ensure your goods safety

Proven quality

Our experience through the years made many big companies depend on us.


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