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We believe in Sky Freight that the success of our client is our success and we are committed to creating long-term relationships based on mutual success and with our customersWe do our best to understand our customer well and care about providing solutions for his individual needsIn all cases, whether we transfer the goods to the opposite side from the same city or we have moved them to another spot in the world, we listen well and respond quickly to the requirements of our customers and strive hard to search for new ways to help our customer in achieving success, we are ensuring that his goods are delivered safe and in good condition at prices Suitable on time and every time.


Logistics and risk management

Project logistics and specialized transportation

Sky Freight specializes in providing logistical solutions for large projects including transportation of precision equipment and parcels of weights or exceptional dimensionsVaskaya Freight has a specialized and highly trained work team that performs detailed road survey and logistical studies to determine the best method and path for transporting each piece of Goods any projectThe team then supervises any work required to repair or strengthen any part of the road before making the actual transferOver the yearsSky Freight has succeeded in providing integrated transportation solutions for power plants, cement and steel plants, transformer substations, water and sewage plants, oil and gas facilities, petrochemicals, large infrastructure projects, etc.



The company's agent network worldwide

Despite its presence in EgyptSky Freight has established a network of professional agents all over the world, which enables us to serve our customers and deal with all shipments to and from anywhere in the worldOur agents are chosen very carefully on the basis of their superiority, expertise and commitment to maintain the highest level of service in line with the expectations of our customersThrough a network and its agentsSky Freight has been able to offer global capabilities while maintaining the flexibility of local companies and their ability to provide service in a personal manner.



Air and sea freight management

Sea freight


Sky Freight has the ability to ship all types of cargo including general cargo, casting and container cargo, as well as roro goods to and from anywhere in the world at competitive prices in addition to issuing bills of lading for its Suez Gulf Line systemNVOCCAs for the huge quantitiesSky Freight provides the ship charter service


Air Freight


Offers Sky Freight Air Freight is easy and fast service at competitive prices and include incoming and outgoing goods and clothing collected and attached containers.










Collected goods (LCL)


Offering Sky Freight collected weekly cargo service from Egypt to more than 400 locations all over the world as well as receiving stations in Cairo and AlexandriaCollected goods are letters of small size or weight that are collected in one shipment and shipped either by sea or airWith this service, the company offers several advantages, the most important of which are competitive shipping rates and insurance, and reduce the risk of damage, in addition to reducing packaging costsWe always strive to develop and expand the services we provide by adding direct import services from new places and direct export services to new places to provide our customers with the safest, fastest, regular and least expensive service in the local market.





Sky Freight owns and operates several stores in strategic locations or near the industrial areas of Cairo and Alexandria and the Port Said Free ZoneAvailability Sky Freight distribution services and storage containers as well as courtyards local storageLong years of experience and continuous improvement have made Sky Freight storage services an essential building block for the company's success.




Sky Freight provides a package of integrated solutions in the field of exhibitions, as it coordinates the transportation of goods and materials in an easy way to and from exhibitionsVasquay Freight has a department specialized in exhibitions, which includes a professional team in shipping, transport and logistics that provides efficient services at competitive prices, both for exhibition organizers and exhibitors.



Land transport management and customs clearance


The company's mission is to make integrated transportation easy and cost effective for companies and individualsAnd in order for us to do this, the company provides a wide variety of services in the field of integrated transportation in addition to its ability to do all stages of shipping from door to door starting from receiving and transporting until delivery to the final site


Other services

The Sky Freight is also the work of customs clearance, packaging and road transport, distribution, insurance services and transit providing its clients with all their requirements in the field of transport in one place