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Project logistics and specialized transportation

Sky Freight specializes in providing logistical solutions for large projects including transportation of precision equipment and parcels of weights or exceptional dimensionsVaskaya Freight has a specialized and highly trained work team that performs detailed road survey and logistical studies to determine the best method and path for transporting each piece of Goods any projectThe team then supervises any work required to repair or strengthen any part of the road before making the actual transferOver the yearsSky Freight has succeeded in providing integrated transportation solutions for power plants, cement and steel plants, transformer substations, water and sewage plants, oil and gas facilities, petrochemicals, large infrastructure projects, etc.



The company's agent network worldwide

Despite its presence in EgyptSky Freight has established a network of professional agents all over the world, which enables us to serve our customers and deal with all shipments to and from anywhere in the worldOur agents are chosen very carefully on the basis of their superiority, expertise and commitment to maintain the highest level of service in line with the expectations of our customersThrough a network and its agentsSky Freight has been able to offer global capabilities while maintaining the flexibility of local companies and their ability to provide service in a personal manner.


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