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Sky Freight Logistics transforming global logistics

Sky Freight Logistics is one of the specialized and leading logistics solutions In Middle East

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Customs clearance and storage

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The Sky Freight is also the work of customs clearance, packaging and road transport, distribution, insurance services and transit providing its clients with all their requirements in the field of transport in one place


Sky Freight owns and operates several stores in strategic locations or near the industrial areas of Cairo and Alexandria and the Port Said Free ZoneAvailability Sky Freight distribution services and storage containers as well as courtyards local storageLong years of experience and continuous improvement have made Sky Freight storage services an essential building block for the company's success.



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Project logistics and specialized transportation

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Sky Freight specializes in providing logistical solutions for large projects including transportation of precision equipment and parcels of weights or exceptional dimensionsVaskaya Freight has a specialized and highly trained work team that performs detailed road survey and logistical studies to determine the best method and path for transporting each piece of Goods any projectThe team then supervises any work required to repair or strengthen any part of the road before making the actual transferOver the yearsSky Freight has succeeded in providing integrated transportation solutions for power plants, cement and steel plants, transformer substations, water and sewage plants, oil and gas facilities, petrochemicals, large infrastructure projects, etc.


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Freight Sea & Air

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Sea freight

Sky Freight has the ability to ship all types of cargo including general cargo, casting and container cargo, as well as roro goods to and from anywhere in the world at competitive

Air Freight 

Offers Sky Freight Air Freight is easy and fast service at competitive prices and include incoming and outgoing goods and clothing collected and attached containers

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Best Company in providing service

The Leading Company In Middle East

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Our Service

Third Party Logistics

A service designed to meet any third party logistics warehousing needs. Whether you are a small or big company that needs warehousing, SKY FREIGHTLogstics have got you covered. Moreover, We offer both bound, unbound, and more 3pl warehousing solutions to fit your needs.

In addition to our wide range of logistics solution, our dedication and reliability are what set us apart from our competition, our warehouses are well-equipped with the latest tech and the highest safety measures to make sure that your goods are as safe as possible, and with our specialized pick and pack service we give you the most cost effective service.


In fact, SKY FREIGHTlogstic is the most reliable logistic company because we never compromise on any of the quality measures. Safety, reliability, and storage capacity. Made for your specific needs we can offer:

Huge capacity warehouses

Always monitored warehouses

Warehouse management system

Climate controlled facilities

Multiple docking bays

Repacking services

Why to choose SKY FREIGHTLogstics third party logistics warehousing (3PL warehousing)?

Scaleable service

Our massive warehouses can fit all of your expanding needs over time

Our A to Z service

We handle each and every procedure that relates to the warehousing of your goods

Highly reliable

Reliable warehouses equipped with the latest techs to ensure your goods safety

Proven quality

Our experience through the years made many big companies depend on us.


Project Cargo

SKY FREIGHT provides comprehensive logistics solutions for meeting the materials and equipment requirements of “Out of Gauge” and “Overweight Cargo” which services the Oil and Gas, Construction, Steel and Industrial project sectors in particular. SKY FREIGHT team is equipped to manage the technical and operational skills to handle rigs, bulk or packaged goods, heavy lift transports, etc.

With our high end equipment and vast experience we are able to provide our customers SKY FREIGHTlogstic provides complete solutions for your heavy machinery. Whatever the requirement, SKY FREIGHT will be your partner for providing consistent, reliable and effective services at a price that is affordable to all.

Our services include:


Project logistics management


Heavy lift and oversized cargo

handling facility Sophisticated trucking systems

Customs clearance and documentation preparation

Industrial lashing, crating and packing

Flexible transport solutions through air, sea, rail or road

Customized solutions

Customized loading

Preparation of documents

Why to choose SKY FREIGHTlogstics ?

Our A to Z service

We handle everything related to your project cargo comprehensively with the highest degree of professionalism

Highly equipped

Our new advanced tech are able to handle any of your overweight cargo with complete ease and safety

Proven quality

Through  20 years of experience we provided hundreds of project cargo solutions for companies of all sizes

Tailored solutions

Never pay for something you don’t need. Our tailored service ensure the best cost efficiency.


Air & Sea Charter

Made for companies that require massive logistical capacity or requires extreme safety measure. Our full air charter and ocean charter service are able to provide you with both the massive capacity and extreme safety measures. We are able to provide you with a full private aircraft freighter or ship freighter to only deliver your goods.

Sky Freight logstic have both the management experience and crew’s expertise that enables us to provide such a high-level service

SKY FREIGHT Logistics offer a wide range of air charter and sea charter solutions for you to move your cargo anywhere anytime over the globe.

Load planning and ordering

Exclusive use of plane or ship anytime

Anywhere around the globe

Full monitoring and tracking system

Warehousing services

Why to choose SKY FREIGHT Logstics Air and Sea charter service?

Our A to Z service

Our service is comprehensive from the time of receiving your request to the time of delivery at the destination and all between.

Timely service

We never accept delays. We will handle your request professionally almost instantly

Proven quality

SKY FREIGHT logstics is Trusted by companies around the globe with many years of experience

Tailored solutions

Whether you need to occupy all the plane/ship or a dedicated part of it, we can offer you the best solution


Transportation & Distribution

Transporting and distributing your goods is one of the most time and resources extensive procedure. SKY FREIGHT logistics provides the best reliable and cost efficient transportation and distribution service.
Through our vast experience and our advanced tech we are able to provide tailored solutions made exactly for your business needs.


  • Customized options and variety of tailored solutions to achieve the ideal balance of cost, time,and capacity. Whether you are a small or big company and need a same day transportation service or a scheduled service SKY FREIGHTLogstic network will be able to satisfy your with the most effective tailored


  • Distributing your goods locally or over the globe is considered to be one of the most important tasks that your business need to handle with extreme care. With SKY FREIGHTLogstic you do not have to worry anymore. Our well-equipped fleet well get your goods to their destination in a timely manner.

Why to choose SKY FREIGHT transportation and distribution service?

A to Z service

From the moment of pickup to reaching the destination of distribution, rest assured without a doubt.

Hybrid Solutions

We integrate the standard road freight with variety of customizable options

Reliability and cost-efficiency

Your reliable partner to handle the distribution process reliably and precisely on time.

Proven experience

With our vast experience in transportation and distribution SKY FREIGHTLogistic is a name that you can trust


Specialized Pick & Pack

At SKY FREIGHT we understand and evaluate your logistic needs and requirements – After our experts have studied options they will propose a few options to execute customer needs. This will result in the most efficient, effective and cost optimized solution. From the smallest details as labelling and packaging to any complex requirements or bar coding or distribution by daily order quantity can be managed by the team of well trained and experienced professionals.

At SKY FREIGHT we take pride in delivery the best each and every time – which has won us the trust of our customers as we maintain secrecy and confidentiality for our customer’s business.


SKY FREIGHTLogstic highly qualified team is able to handle your goods with extreme care, thus, we offer our specialized pick and pack service that includes:





Scheduled Distributing

Why to choose SKY FREIGHT Logstics?

Our A to Z Service

From labeling and barcoding, to the last state of distribution. SKY FREIGHTlogsitic can meet all your demands smoothly

Tailored solutions

Our solutions are based on deep understanding of your logistic needs and requirements for best efficiency.

Proven experience

Through our years of experience we have met the demands of all type of logistic services

Reliable work

A Highly qualified team that will provide you with high quality reliable services and solutions

Road transport

The company's mission is to make integrated transportation easy and cost effective for companies and individuals. And in order for us to do this, the company provides a wide variety of services in the field of integrated transportation in addition to its ability to carry out all stages of shipping from door to door starting from receipt and transportation to delivery to the final site

Cargo Customs Clearance

From the shipment origin to the destination, we ease your mind from the extensive and tiresome customs clearance procedure. Our team’s 24 hours of operations ensure round the clock cargo clearance services to make sure you can rest your mind at peace and never worry about your goods while they are still in customs.

With our vast experience, we are able to deal with this process very efficiently in a timely manner

Sky Freight Logistics is a well-regarded company because we have cleared all type of shipments over the years, run your business smoothly our customs clearance expertise ranges from:

Customs Formal Clearance

Export and Import clearance services

Export and Import duties

Import and Export TAX

Project Cargo Clearance

Specialized Documents

Why should you let Sky Frieght Logistics get your customs Clearance?

Our deep knowledge in laws and rules

Experience crew that have the specific and precise knowledge of the legal procedures

Our A to Z Service

From the moment of shipment to the moment of delivery, we handle all the customs procedures

Our punctuality and reliability

Never stop your work again waiting for a certain shipment. With Sky Freight Logistics everything is guaranteed to run smoothly

Tailored Cost-effective solutions

Our experience helps us tailor specific solutions for the client specific needs with the best costs

Freight Forwarding

SKY FREIGHT Logistic offers comprehensive range of solutions to fit any need with a variety of options.
And because we offer from A to Z you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Air Freight

The fastest and most reliable way to move your goods internationally.  Through our  strong affiliations with almost every major carrier on the planet, we offer the best and most flexible rates with our tailored most effective solution that precisely fits your needs.

Air Freight Services & Benefits

  • AWB & Documentation
  • Air Carrier Booking
  • Freight Insurance
  • Consolidation & Handling
  • Full Coordination
  • Customs Clearance
  • Trucking & Warehousing
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Courier

Ocean Freight

SKY FREIGHT Logistic specializes in providing expert international ocean freight forwarding services to companies large and small. Our worldwide ocean freight network allows us to ensure that your cargo will arrive at the right place in the desired time. no place is off limits to SKY FREIGHT Logistic

Ocean Freight Services & Benefits

Bill of Lading & Docs

Ocean Carrier Booking

Freight Insurance

20′, 40′ Containers


Customs Clearance

Trucking & Warehousing

Car & Vehicles

Project Freight

Land Freight

A full range of trucks sizes ready to meet your needs and deliver your goods. With our fleet that includes all sizes of trucks, we are ready to deliver your goods in the most efficient manner. We combine simple, standardized Road Freight products with a host of customizable options to achieve the ideal balance of lead-time, capacity, frequency and cost.

Land Freight Services And Benefits:

Door to Door services

Customized Loading

Same day delivery

Customs clearance


  • Company profile

    The company was founded Sky Freight Logistics in December 2001 under the open door policy of the private sector. And if the company's experience and activity in the transportation field dates back to 1998, when it was one of the largest Egyptian companies providing agency services, tourism and other services. The company was originally established as a limited liability company with a capital of 500,000 Egyptian pounds. It has now become a joint stock company with a capital of 10, million Egyptian pounds. Sky Freight is now considered one of the pioneers in the field of integrated transportation in Egypt and has three hundred and fifty employees spread over eight branches in strategic locations near the main land, sea and air outlets in Egypt

  • Company services

    The company's mission is to make integrated transportation easy and cost effective for companies and individuals. And in order for us to do this, the company provides a wide variety of services in the field of integrated transportation in addition to its ability to do all stages of shipping from door to door starting from receiving and transporting until delivery to the final site.

  • Best Company Ever

    Two decades of experience in providing high quality customer service, a large community of more than 80,000 members.

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Articles & news

Our Latest News


FIATA and KIFFA postpone 2020 FIATA World Congress to 2022

n light of the COVID-19 pandemic, FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations, together with the Korea International Freight Forwarders Association (KIFFA), have jointly decided to postpone the FIATA World Congress (FWC) scheduled to take place in Busan, Republic of Korea, on 19-24 October 2020. KIFFA will now host the FWC in 2022. The Asociación Panameña de Agencias de Carga will host the 2023 FWC in Panama City, Panama.

“The pandemic has unfortunately made us postpone this year’s FIATA World Congress to 2022, but we remain enthusiastic for what’s ahead,” said Dr Stephane Graber, FIATA Director General. “We look forward to continue our collaboration with KIFFA in 2022 on what promises to be an exciting congress for the the international freight forwarding community.”

FIATA held discussions with the 2021 FWC organiser and FIATA member, FORWARD Belgium, to explore a change of date for the event but preparations were too far advanced to consider postponing. FORWARD Belgium will host the 2021 FWC in Brussels on 26-29 October 2021.

“We worked hand in hand with FIATA to help find an alternative solution, as it is unfortunate that this year’s congress could not take place,” said Olivier Schoenmaeckers, FORWARD Belgium Manager. “We were, however, unable to change our dates as preparations for the FIATA World Congress in Brussels had already began. We are excited to welcome freight forwarders post-COVID- 19 – to share stories on how the pandemic impacted our work and learn from one another – and we are confident that KIFFA will host a successful event in 2022.”

The 2021 FWC will introduce a new congress programme developed by FIATA and the FWC local organising committee. The FWC provides a unique platform for freight forwarders to gather industry leaders, customs brokers, and logistic service providers to connect and network while discussing the most relevant topics of interest to the freight forwarding industry.


Airlines heading for $84 billion loss this year: IATA

By Laurence Frost

PARIS (Reuters) - Airlines are set to lose $84 billion as the coronavirus pandemic reduces revenue by half to mark the worst year in the sector’s history, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecast on Tuesday.

With most of the world’s airliners currently parked, IATA said revenue would likely fall to $419 billion from $838 billion last year.

“Every day of this year will add $230 million to industry losses,” IATA Director General Alexandre de Juniac said.

The average loss amounts to almost $38 per passenger flown.

In 2021, IATA forecast losses at $15.8 billion to take the two-year total to about $100 billion as traffic struggles to recover and airlines slash fares to win business.

“Airlines will still be financially fragile in 2021,” De Juniac said, predicting “even more intense” competition.


It accommodates more than 23 thousand containers .. The second largest container ship in the world crosses the Suez Canal

Angie prestige
Today, Wednesday, the Suez Canal crossed the second largest container ship in the world, which is "HMM OSLO", with 19,054 containers, and its capacity is 23,820 thousand containers.

The Suez Canal said in a statement: "I crossed the ship on its first ever cruise since its inception."
The giant vessel is the second in a series that includes 12 giant ships, which are the largest in the world and are scheduled to cross the Suez Canal, respectively.
And published the official page of the Suez Canal Authority, a direct broadcast of the transit of the international ship its shipping course, in a first precedent, and within the authority's actions to combat the Corona virus.
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Tomorrow ... the second largest container ship in the world will cross the Suez Canal
For his part, the team directed Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, to take all necessary measures to cross the ship safely and safely by appointing a group of senior guides to the authority, and to provide the necessary navigational assistance from the accompanying locomotives, in addition to the immediate follow-up from the main movement office of the navigation control stations .
The Chairman of the Authority emphasized that the new Suez Canal succeeded in strengthening the leading position of the channel as the most important link and the main artery of the global trade movement passing between East and West, and raised its efficiency to remain the first choice and the most suitable destination for current and future generations of giant ships with large submersibles, especially ships Containers, which have gained great importance in recent times, in light of the competition of the shipping lines to build the largest ships in the world to benefit from economies of scale and reduce operational expenses.